Resource Partners

Mimi’s Bridal Showroom Resource Partner: DMProductions

It’s time again to celebrate the people we have the privilege of working with on a regular basis.  We want to warmly welcome Doug Metherell from DM [...]

Mimi’s Bridal Resource Partner: Carmina Cristina!

Ask any woman and she will most certainly tell you that makeup completes an ensemble.  Most women look at their wedding day as the most important day of their [...]

Mimi’s Bridal Resource Partner: About Weddings

We’d like to take a moment to highlight another of our fabulous resource partners, Patty Hummel from About Weddings. Tell me how you’ve gotten to know [...]

Mimi’s Bridal Resource Partner: Holiday Inn Harrisburg-Hershey

We’d love to introduce you Melissa Flood, an event coordinator at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg-Hershey, another vendor we are overjoyed to work with!  If [...]

Mimi’s Bridal Showroom Partner: Premiere #1 Limousine!

We work in collaboration with fantastic vendors, and this one is no exception.  Allow Mimi’s Bridal Showroom to introduce you to Jonathan Snavely of [...]

Mimi’s Bridal Showroom Partner: Allenberry Resort and Playhouse

This week we feature another wedding partner, Tina Williamson from Allenberry Resort and Playhouse. How exactly do you work with Mimi’s Bridal [...]

Mimi’s Bridal Showroom Partner: Taylored for You Bridal Boutique

This week, we feature another vendor partner: Taylored for You! We know of your partnership with Mimi’s Bridal Showroom, how exactly do you work [...]

Bridal Partner, Klock Entertainment Shares Vision

The following is an interview with resource partner, Jason Klock of Klock Entertainment. For more information about our resource partners, click here. How [...]

Personalized Gifts Make All the Difference!

When you think of a high quality product or service, what comes to mind?  If you reflect for a moment, you may find it’s the personal touch that makes [...]

Where Would A Travel Agent Vacation? Find Out In This Interview with Scott Travel!

The following is an interview with resource partner, Joanna Scott of Scott Travel. For more information about our resource partners, click here. Tell us [...]